How father’s parent differently than mothers.

I have first hand experience with this one. It was just me and my dad for a long time...there were women that came and went through out my growing up, but my main steady was my dad. My biological mother passed away shortly before I turned two, my dad remarried when I was in kindergarten and again when I was in 2nd grade. My step-mom, whom I refer to as my mom, had a large hand in raising me from age 7 on, is still around, but they have been divorced since my senior year in high school. And even now, the he's the only steady parrent in my life. My dad braided my hair, cut my bangs, painted my fingernails, colored in coloring books, took me hunting, took me to jeep races, danced in the living room and was ALWAYS there. My father was much stricter than my Step mom. He was the enforcer regarding school, grades, whether my room was clean and so on and so forth...It is very interesting to me to see how differently my brother and sister have been raised. My sister is 8 years younger and my brother is 12 years younger. When my mom and dad split up, the younger two went with my mom and I went with my dad. Its hard for me hear that they get away with SO MUCH MORE than I ever did. My brother is supposed to graduate high school this year...unfortunately, he won't. He will have to complete another full year of high school and even then, may not have enough credits to graduate. My sister did graduate high school, it was an alternative school that she attended to catch up on her credits and ensure she graduated. She lived with us for part of her junior and senior year. It is so hard to watch my siblings struggle... I wonder how different things would have been if my father would have been allowed to parent them.


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