Cara Box!

I decided to sign up to participate in Kaitlyn from Wifessionals "Cara Box Exchange". I had a great time getting to know Kristyn from Chits and Giggles Blog and Kelsey from Keeping Up With Kelsey. I unfortunately had a loss in my family and fell behind on getting Kelsey's box out...thankfully she has been super sweet and her box will go out today. I definitely felt Kristyn's pain in finding things that start with K. But I hope Kelsey likes what she got!

Now, on to what I received:
Everything was wrapped in this cute pink tissue paper so I tried to put it in the pic :) Kristyn sent me KitKat, a Stephen King book (which I don't have and I'm really looking forward to reading), a Klik candy toy for my son, some nail polish (it's on the way), and a sweet note!

I have to say, my son saw the toy and got so excited. He started talking so fast, I had a hard time understanding I think saying he liked it is an understatement...

Thanks again Kristyn for sending me my very first Cara Box! I look forward to participating in the program again!


  1. I thought about buying The Wind through the Willows the other day because it was on sale, but I have too many TBR books at the moment!

    Great package!

    ♥ Miss Angie
    My So-Called Chaos

  2. You'll have to tell me if that book is good! I'm always looking for a great new read!

  3. It looks like you got a great box.

    I am taking part in the Sweet Snail Mail Adventure and I wanted to make sure I stopped by everyone's blog before sitting down to write my letters this weekend.



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