What drives or motivates you each day?

What motivates me each day? It's this face.
It's seriously plastered around my cube. I look at his happy, smiling face all day long. When I'm having a rough moment at work, I remind myself that this is why I'm here. He's the reason I get up every morning and most of the time what makes me go to bed at night. That kid up there...he's busy. He plays every sport that the school offers. That means football (my husband and I coach), basketball, soccer and baseball. And then he's on the tech squad and he participates in drama. We go to math night and movie night and bingo night. He goes to kids night out. He has friends...and they like to spend the night. He's a busy kid.

He is one of the most thoughtful, responsible, caring and smart mini-adult I know. And not just because he's mine. We have been told on many occasions that he is a "Benjamin Button", a little old man in a kid's body. In fact, the other day he asked if someone could come spend the night, then told the kid's mom that he had to go home and clean his room...this was not prompted by me telling him his room had to be clean before his friend came...all on his own.

He is what I live for. He is what motivates me.


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