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Me A to Z

Since I am new to this blogging scene I thought you might like to know a little about me from A-Z. I found this gem over at MostlyHappenstance. Check her out!

A - Available or married?

B- Book?
Yes please! I just finished one and need to start another

C- Cake or Pie?
Cake- Funfetti. It tastes like fun!

D- Drink of Choice?
Dr. Pepper lately, but it changes often…

E- Essential Item?

F- Favorite Color?

G- Game to play or watch?

H- Hometown?
Spanaway, WA

Oh So Thankful

This week has been a rough one for me. I'm thankful it's almost over! Ha!

But for real, I'm so thankful for my husband, who stands by me and supports me and keeps my head on straight. I'm thankful that he gets up with me EVERY MORNING, cooks/makes me breakfast, my lunch, coffee, gets me ready and out the door on time to work. I'm spoiled frickin rotten.

I'm thankful for my son, who knows just the right time when I need a hug or extra loves. A son who understands more than any normal 9 year old. I swear sometimes he is 70, but he is learning to be not so serious and be more carefree (even if it means driving me nuts by pouting and not doing his chores).

I'm thankful for great, fantastic, wonderful friends. Who seem to be going through similar stuff, at the same time, so SOMEONE understands. Who don't jusdge, but are honest. Even when I don't want to hear it.

And even though I don't always seem it, I'm oh so thankful!

I'm linking up …

My Bubble Wrap Wedding

Can I just tell you that my wedding was awesome...because it totally was. It was fun. It was quirky and it was perfect to me and the hubby (we're the only ones that matter in that equation anyways!). My step mom and her mom (my step-grandma??) decorated the whole thing...for super cheap. I've got a girlfriend who is a florist, all the flowers for $100. I got my dress, gorgeous, for $250 from David's Bridal. The venue, free. The bubble wrap?? FREE from the BEST VENDOR EVER. When people walked in the door, they walked into the wedding on bubble wrap. When I walked down the aisle...yep, bubble wrap (in heels, and I didn't fall!). When we exchanged rings...ring pops! They didn't fit, but it was way fun. The food was amazing, my husband cooked most of it himself and we had a little help from my mom and one of her friends. A girlfriend from high school made our looked just like the top of my dress...and was the best tasting cake I can think of. Did I…

I won! Check this out...

About a month ago, I won this sweet necklace from Sarah over at Southern Comfort, from a Yankee Perspective .  Her sister-in-law from  The {Linc} Between Us made it, BY HAND. I have gotten so many compliments on it. I highly suggest you stop over to Marie's Etsy shop and buy up all of her goodies! You can find her shop here:


Thankful Thursday

This week, I'm extra thankful for time with my family. Sometimes I'm just ready to pare down all the extra activities and spend some good quality time. We played cards, games and just vegged out and watched TV, but we did it TOGETHER. I linked up with Carina over at you should too!

What's the best marital advice you've been given

Hmm...well I just got married in September. And of course, everyone at the wedding had some advice to give, and it always keeps coming ;) but I think the best advice I got was "pick your battles". There is no need to fight over the little things, but when it comes time to say what I need or believe or want in a specific situation, he actually listens because he can see that it's important. Most of the time we can come to a compromise anyways. So, I always try (and I'm not always successful) to look at a situation and decide if I need to "go to battle" or not.

2013 Pay It Forward!

I've joined the 2013 Creative Pay It Forward!

The details: The first 5 people to comment with their email (and blog address if you have one) will receive from me, sometime in this calendar year, a gift - perhaps a book, a baked good, jewelry, music - a surprise in the mail! There will likely be no warning, and it will happen when the mood strikes me.

The catch: Those five people must make the same offer on their Blog.


Do you ever get to the point where you feel like washing your hands of a family member? Where it feels like more of a fight and struggle than what it's worth? I'm there. It takes/took a lot for me to get there. The reasonable side of me says to just calm down and it will blow over rather than blow up. But the other part of me is just so damn pissed that people just don't see things for what they are, and they treat me and other family members as though we have wronged them- When we clearly haven't. I have tried to always uplift my family, never bring them down and support them in all of their endevors. Even when I'm not treated with the same respect. I'm so stinkin tired of it. and now, here I am, and I have no idea what to do.
Joy from is trying to finish up her adoption of the baby that's been hers since the beginning. Please, if you have time, check them out and donate...even if it's just a little. Everything counts.


I sure wish I knew what the heck I'm doing...I haven't figured out how to add pics or links or show the cool stuff I just signed up for...sigh.

the sickness! hit. the sickness has gotten me TWICE in the last month. And, to top it off, I've managed to pass it to BOTH my husband and my son. Woo hoo!

Other than that, life has thankfully been uneventful. Christmas went well. Got to go to the Seahawks vs. Rams game! that was awesome! And New Years Eve went well. Gotta love time off work and spent with family and friends!

Hope all is well for everyone else in the blog-o-shpere!