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Spring Fever Vox Box

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

I was so excited to pull up to my mail box and find that little purple box!
I received the following items:
 The first thing that got broken into was this Tasty Kake, because that's what happens when you have a 10 year was good. The only complaint that we had about this was that it was kind of crumbly...we ended up with chocolate topping on the floor :( I haven't seen these in our area, but we'll kep an eye out for them. My son says they could be an outside snack.
It's been quite warm up here in the great Northwest! This deoderant/anti-perspirant smells wonderful and definetly gets the job done...I will be purchasing this again!
 This lip balm has a little color added to it, it smells wonderful and has yet to melt in my purse. This is another item that I will seek out once I run out of it.
To be 100% honest, I haven't had a chance to use this item yet. It's been…