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Influenster's #Vasoline Vox Box

I got the opportunity to try out some super hydrating #vaseline lotion from Influenster, for free! All they ask is for me to share my opinion with the world!

I was excited to try out this lotion as I had run out of lotion at my desk and was needing to get something new. The person who works beside me can't handle lotions with fragrance, so I was super stoked that this was fragrance free. And it really was. I was a little nervous to try out the Vaseline brand. I thought it was going to either leave my skin sticky or slick. That definitely wasn't the case...this is some of the most hydrating lotion that I've ever used. The soap at work leaves my skin super so dry that during the winter, with the dry air, my finger tips would start to crack. I'm so grateful that I've found something that leaves my skin smooth, hydrated and crack free!.

We ended up purchasing a bottle for at home too. My husband likes to use it on his tattoos, he says it makes them stand out…

NesCafeUSA and Coffeemate

Every so often, I get the chance to check out new products. I recently got the opportunity from and NesCafe to try a new Coffeemate product (free of charge, only want my opinion!)

So I was very interested in trying out this product, because I'm all about coffee. Love the stuff, some days I think it's the only thing that keeps me going.

I have to admit, I didn't read the instructions before I tried it out. I thought it was something that I added TO MY COFFEE...but it wasn't. It's something that you use AS coffee. I kept adding and adding thinking that it was going to chill the coffee out. It smelled like hot chocolate and it was delicious. It was even more delicious once I figured out that didn't need coffee...only hot water.

This will be the perfect thing to take camping this Summer...all I'll need to do it boil some water and POOF! need to bring grounds, filters, sugar or creamer...this is an all in one product. I've found…

This blogging thing is weird...

So there is probably about 20-30 blogs that I follow closely...and while I don't "know" these people, I've never met them in real life, I feel like I do know them. I read all the things they post. I have watched their kids grow. And heck, in some cases, I've watched them grow.

Then I go to comment on something and sometimes I feel weird about it. I get excited when I read a pregnancy post...but I don't know this woman. But I am genuinely excited to watch her grow and see this baby. I get sad when I see them struggle and I want to reach out and offer support, but who am I to them?

I realize that these blogs we have are opportunities to grow relationships with people that you have never, and may never meet. But how do you start those relationships out? How do you reach out without looking and/or feeling like a stalker?!?

The signs I'm getting older...

1. So, I won some tickets on the radio to attend a Katy Perry concert....boy oh boy, did I feel like I was old and out of place! The first guy that played was wearing this dress/moo-moo thing that had a collar...and leggings. For the life of me I could not figure out what he was thinking when he got dressed before the concert. INSTA-OLD.

2. There came a time in my life where sleeping started to hurt! I'm not sure at what age, all I know is that when I wake up, I sound like a rice crispy (snap, crackle and pop!) and I hurt in places that make no sense. Have you seen the way children can fall asleep?!? and they wake up bouncy and fine! Geesh.

3. I changed my email address to a serious one! No more coolchickypie2001 hahaha...

4. All of my sports hero's have retired...and sports just aren't the same!

5. You know you're getting old when you're talking to your friends and all the stories start with, "remember when..."

6. I've got to scroll to get to my birt…

Would You be friends with YOU?

So last week...I get a text from my best friend. It simply said "Just so you know, I'd punch someone in the face for you" HA! That's how I know we're really friends :) Unfortunately our schedules haven't allowed for us to spend a whole lot of time together...and her comment kind of came out of left field, but I didn't put too much into it.

     I ran into her in the grocery store parking lot later in the week and she says, "I have to tell you something, but you have to promise not to keep asking who said it." Of course, I promised...and she proceeded to tell me, "remember when I texted you and said I'd punch someone in the face for you? Weeeellllll, I just lost a friend just then because of you guys." I questioned what happened and she said that she was talking to someone and they told her, "I'm surprised that you and your husband are friends with them. I just didn't think you were the kind of people to hang out w…

Sargento Ultra Thin Cheese Slices

Alright, I should start this off by saying that I'm a member of Influenster. They provide me opportunity to try things out and share my opinion with my friends, co workers and anyone else who stops by this ol' blog. That being said, Influenster provided me with a coupon for free cheese and a nifty lunch bag in return for my honest opinion.

I am very, very familiar with cheese. Though I am lactose intollerant, cheese doesn't seem to bother my tummy.We've tried just about every type of this Sargento Ultra Thin cheese that we can find. I used my free coupon to pick up the pepper jack variety. It was DELICIOUS, spicy, salty and rich. We made egg salad sandwiches with a slice of pepper jack. Yes, please and may I have another.

These often go on sale at my local Fred if you're hesitant to try them (which you shouldn't be!!) wait until they go on sale and then buy one of each!!

Thanks Influenster for giving me the opportunity to try them out again!!

I'm the 2nd biggest loser...and that's not so bad!

Alright...I could have sworn that I posted this...but apparently, I didn't. I took 2nd place overall in the biggest loser competition! I lost by less than a percent, but I was down 40 pounds over all. I don't call that a loss, I call that a WIN.

It was hard work and I still have a long way to go to be at my goal. This was a heck of a start though :)

One Week Left!

Well...we've been at it for 3 months now...eating right, being active, working HARD. There is only one week left in the Biggest Loser competition at work...and I'm proud to say I'm down 40.8 pounds! As of last week, I was in the lead...but only by less than a percent. I know I will need to continue to work hard...not only through next week, but through the next months and years. I am fully aware that this cannot just be a diet...that it needs to be a lifestyle change.

I can do things now, at 40 pounds lighter, that I couldn't before. Maybe it would be more accurate to say, that I didn't want to before. 40 pounds is a lot to lug around...but now, I play outside with my kid, which I have sat on the sidelines and watched for far too long.

I still have a long ways to go...but I'm getting there!

Two Months In

Hello...anyone out there? Is this thing on??

So I'm two months in to shedding all this extra weight I've got...and I am proud to say that I am down a total of 32.8 pounds! I've been working hard (most of the time...let me be honest.) and it is definetly hard work. It's time to buckle down and work even harder though. I am going to try and start working out two times a's really hard to get up in the morning for me. But I know that if I want to take the competition, and get healthy, I've got to get movin more than I already am.

Well...who ever is reading this...thanks for checking in on me :)

One Month In

So, I've been doing The Biggest Loser at work for a little more than a month now. I'm proud to say that I've lost 21 pounds! I'm in the lead overall, however I seem to have plateaued a little bit.

I've got a few tricks up my sleeve though :) I'm going to try some different work out routines this week and see if I can boost my weight loss a little more. There are people who aren't too far behind me so I need to get it in gear!

I wish I had taken before pictures so I had something to compare where I started to where I am now. I am down a total of 6 pant sizes though. I went to Costco yesterday and they had Applebottom jeans on sale for $15.99! I bought a pair that are 4 sizes to small. So, that's my next goal-- to be able to fit into those jeans.
I'm gonna keep on keepin on!

Am I the biggest loser? new year...and I've decided it's time to shed some weight. At work we have started the biggest loser program. The person who loses the largest percentage of body weight over all will wil $10 per percent lost.

This dieting thing is no joke! I did without coffee this week because I love my coffee with cream and sugar. I also completely cut out I miss the bubbles!

We switched to salads and Lean Cuisine type meals at least until I can get a hang of the portion size bit of dieting.

I have also started being more active. This part is probably the hardest part for me. I've been hesitant to get up and move due to a knee injury...but the weight I have been gaining sure isn't helping my I started walking briskly 3 times a day for 15 minutes each time, during my breaks and lunch. And I just got a stationary bike and will put it in the living room and ride for at least 30 minutes a day while I watch a show I enjoy...

These are all small…

PNW Box Swap

I am super late getting this post up...but I'm chalking it up to being super busy at the holiday :) Please forgive me...and it's a sloppy post too. No bueno. But it'll have to do!

I was linked up with two people both from the Northwest, one for me to send a box to and one to send a box to's issue number one...during the hustle and bustle of holiday time, I lost the business card of the AWESOME lady who sent me a box :( aaaaannnnndddd I don't have the cord to get the pictures off of my I had to poach some pictures of my swag from google images to show you the awesomeness I received:

You see, I'm a Seahawks fan...a big Seahawks she got me right on the nose with these sweet Seahawks gifts and also some homemade cookies that were immediately opened and eaten by the boys in the house. I was linked up with Kristin over at KristinPotPie and I hope she enjoyed her box. It was really fun to hook up with other local bloggers. A big big tha…