Influenster's #Vasoline Vox Box

I got the opportunity to try out some super hydrating #vaseline lotion from Influenster, for free! All they ask is for me to share my opinion with the world!

I was excited to try out this lotion as I had run out of lotion at my desk and was needing to get something new. The person who works beside me can't handle lotions with fragrance, so I was super stoked that this was fragrance free. And it really was. I was a little nervous to try out the Vaseline brand. I thought it was going to either leave my skin sticky or slick. That definitely wasn't the case...this is some of the most hydrating lotion that I've ever used. The soap at work leaves my skin super so dry that during the winter, with the dry air, my finger tips would start to crack. I'm so grateful that I've found something that leaves my skin smooth, hydrated and crack free!.

We ended up purchasing a bottle for at home too. My husband likes to use it on his tattoos, he says it makes them stand out.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a hydrating, fragrance free lotion.


  1. I always thought Vosoline was quite a bad product with petrolium in it.
    I got told off because I religiously used to put it on my lips and I had so many comments about was glossy and soft my lips were (OK.. I do not mean to sound like a ho there!! hahaha) but yeah then I was todl it was bad for me and I haven't used it since!
    Your review sounds really promising though! Thanks for sharing! You're making me second guess it!!

    New follower on GFC!!


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