Am I the biggest loser? new year...and I've decided it's time to shed some weight. At work we have started the biggest loser program. The person who loses the largest percentage of body weight over all will wil $10 per percent lost.

This dieting thing is no joke! I did without coffee this week because I love my coffee with cream and sugar. I also completely cut out I miss the bubbles!

We switched to salads and Lean Cuisine type meals at least until I can get a hang of the portion size bit of dieting.

I have also started being more active. This part is probably the hardest part for me. I've been hesitant to get up and move due to a knee injury...but the weight I have been gaining sure isn't helping my I started walking briskly 3 times a day for 15 minutes each time, during my breaks and lunch. And I just got a stationary bike and will put it in the living room and ride for at least 30 minutes a day while I watch a show I enjoy...

These are all small steps...that led me to a 9.8 pound weight loss -- this week! I know that not every week will yeild results like this first week has, but losing that much sure lit a fire under my rear to keep it in gear (<----see what I did there?!?).


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