My Bubble Wrap Wedding

Can I just tell you that my wedding was awesome...because it totally was. It was fun. It was quirky and it was perfect to me and the hubby (we're the only ones that matter in that equation anyways!).
My step mom and her mom (my step-grandma??) decorated the whole thing...for super cheap. I've got a girlfriend who is a florist, all the flowers for $100. I got my dress, gorgeous, for $250 from David's Bridal. The venue, free. The bubble wrap?? FREE from the BEST VENDOR EVER.
When people walked in the door, they walked into the wedding on bubble wrap. When I walked down the aisle...yep, bubble wrap (in heels, and I didn't fall!). When we exchanged rings...ring pops! They didn't fit, but it was way fun. The food was amazing, my husband cooked most of it himself and we had a little help from my mom and one of her friends. A girlfriend from high school made our looked just like the top of my dress...and was the best tasting cake I can think of.
Did I mention we had a mascot? We did! His name was Jorge...he went on the honeymoon with us too!


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